​Obituary Writing by Ann

“Remembering your loved one with meaningfully crafted life stories.”

As an obituary writer, it is an honor and privilege to craft individualized life stories which will be meaningful and cherished.

I’ll work with you to create an honest and meaningful story of you or your loved one. I will ask questions that allow me to envision snapshots of a person’s life, then gently help you gather crucial information which I will blend and weave into a portrait that captures the best of you.


Life Story – Your Obituary


I understand the grieving process and will do my best to treat your grief with delicacy and respect. 
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Living Obituary/Life Story

A beautiful tribute to loved ones. I’ll work with you to gather essential information allowing me to craft your story.

If you are interested in hiring me as an obituary writer, take a few moments to gather some basic information about your loved one or about yourself, if you are a person who chooses to have their living story written in your words.

  • How would you describe your loved one’s personality? What did people say most often about him/her?
  • What are some of your favorite memories of your loved one?
  • What were your loved one’s proudest accomplishments?
  • What were your loved one’s hobbies/favorite things?
  • What was the thing you loved most about your loved one?
  • Any foibles/quirks or other personality traits that made your loved one extra special?

Essentially, consider “How would they want to be remembered? And how will they be genuinely remembered by those who loved them?

1. Use the email contact form below to tell me when you need the obituary. Turnaround time is between 48 hours and a week depending on my workflow.

2. I’ll respond with my availability, and we’ll set up a 30-minute phone call. During that call, I’ll learn as much as possible about your loved one.

3. Using the information collected, I’ll write a one-page narrative obituary (~500 words) and email you a draft. You can comment on it, asking me to change anything that doesn’t sound right.

4. I’ll send you a final copy, which you can edit however you like, and then forward to the funeral home.

If you’re interested in learning more about my professional obituary writing services, please get in touch using the contact form below. You may pay here on the website once you make a final decision.

Obituary $125.00

Thank you for trusting me to honor your loved one’s memory.