Secrets: A Story of Addiction, Grief & Healing

Secrets was written in the midst of deepest grief and is a very personal account of my journey toward healing from the loss of my daughter, Sarah to opiate addiction leading to her death by overdose. Using her journals, I merged her words with mine, giving her a voice, one she no longer had. The ripple effects of addiction and the opiate crisis is ongoing. It is my hope by sharing our family's story, other families will recognize they are not alone. They do matter. Their children matter. Everyone deserves to be loved and recognized for their potential and worth. Writing this story was not a whim. It was a need, a compulsion. It was written to spread awareness and help others face their very personal challenges connected to addiction with knowledge and insight.

Sarah's Journals Found Me.

Her words merged with mine as our stories intermingled. My silent promise to Sarah was that her voice would be heard.

When I say her journals found me, some may say the sequence of events leading up to finding them was a spiritual experience. An awakening of sorts. Although they were incredibly painful to read, they provided insight and discernment. She seemed to finally say, "It's okay now. I want you to read them. I want you to know my heart."

Testimonials From My Readers...

"What a beautiful book and so sad, but so well-written and full of wisdom. It is a gift to everyone. People who are helping people with addiction, people struggling with addiction, and people who have lost someone to addiction. It should be read by everyone." 

"This book touched home for me since I recently lost my son to an accidental drug overdose. It is beautifully written and highlighted the complexity of addiction. It shows how this epidemic can impact anyone. The negative stigma needs to be removed from this disease. Thank you for this beautiful book. Hopefully, it will help start the conversations and help end this epidemic!"

"A must read! A mother's love brings an addict to life. Sarah is no longer another sad statistic. She is a loving human being caught in the throes of a terrible disease. Anyone dealing with any form of addiction should read this book. This book may help others to recognize the signs and symptoms to be aware of. It may also help others to heal and forgive themselves and others."

"After losing my son Doug to an Opiate Overdose, I found this book to be inspiring and true to the throws of addiction and the families who go through this. Sarah's Mom's gives her a voice as she becomes gone inside herself. I loved the beautiful additions of Sarah's journals and that it shows she was just a normal daughter trying to find her way. Also, being a Mom who lost her son, I realize I am never alone and our lives are forever changed. Thank you for this beautiful book of love and loss and families in turmoil. Healing comes as we forgive and learn to remember the beautiful memories we had before the disease of addiction takes over. Remembering my son in love and light!"

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Purchasing Secrets will help us in the continued efforts to spread awareness as we address the stigma attached to addiction and mental illness. Thank you for your purchase!

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Into the Forest...

A Magical Adventure...

Into the Forest

Available on: Amazon Kindle, Bibliotheca, Baker&Taylor, Over Drive You may purchase through my website to receive an autographed copy.

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My readers say...

It is a well-written and poignant story written in prose with eye-catching illustrations! Into the Forest is a story many children can relate to. I work with children as a conditionally licensed professional counselor and this story easily adapted to my work with children. The artistry and the prose invite the reader to join in on the adventure of walking into a magical forest excited to learn the magical things the forest offers."

"Into the Forest reignites the memories of childhood. Once Emma is over the rock wall, the magic of our childhood imaginations, and belief in magic will flood over you! In my work with children, I believe Emma's character and adventure will spark the imagination and magic of every child, as well as their sense of empowerment!" 

I loved your book! I read it every night before I go to bed!" (Aaliya is 10 years old .)

Aaliya has some ideas for the next fairy book! "Emma is going through the woods again and finds a marking on a random tree, so she looks at it close and she sees a warning. It says..."At this day, you shall remember the evil fairy has arrived. She is stalking the wood for intruders. Beware, keep safe, and don't mess around." Emma gets scared, so she runs home, only to find out there is no way back home unless she fights the evil fairy! "

Into the Forest...

is about a ten-year-old girl named Emma who longs for adventure and freedom. There is a dark and mysterious forest surrounding Emma's home, but Emma has been forbidden to go into the forest alone. She decides to take things into her own hands and formulates a plan. Emma, who is bold and daring strikes out to discover what mysteries the surrounding forest holds, only to discover a magical world that was there all along. All one needs to do is believe!