"Write Truly and From the Heart."

  Healing Through Writing

Losing  my daughter, Sarah to substance use disorder was  life-altering. This event flung me into a foreign space, a world I refused to accept!  However, I could only deny my reality for so long before I had to make a choice. Sink into the morass of grief or release my sorrow to the winds and rediscover my purpose.  My journey of  healing continues as I search my heart reexamining who I once was and who I want to become.  I became determined to not allow loss to  define me, slowly realizing that I must embrace acceptance and learn to love myself again if I was to rebuild my life.  The need for transparency engulfed me. Writing are just words on a page, but releasing them as they flow from the heart revealing our pain allows healing to slowly begin.

As a Maine Author

Ms. Cookson is passionate about family, writing, and education. She lives in Mid-Coast Maine.


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Promoting Substance Use Disorder Awareness
Diane Atwood

As the opioid epidemic continues, the importance of promoting awareness cannot be underestimated. Numbers can tell a story about the general impact of drugs on a society, but they tell you nothing about the impact on individuals and the people they love and who love them back. They tell you nothing about their struggles.

A Summary of Published Works and Current Projects


Losing a daughter to overdose is tragic. Finding her is traumatic. How does one heal from this? Written after my daughter, Sarah's death by overdose with the intent to present awareness, address the stigma attached to addiction, and to give my daughter a voice as I merged my words with her own.


Into the Forest

"The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper." -W.B. Yeats
Emma decides to explore the mysterious forest surrounding her home. What she discovers forever changes her. When we believe in magic, our world expands with possibilities!


Back to the Forest

Projected release: fall of 2021.

Everyone needs a bit of magic in their lives. Sometimes though, someone tries to steal it away to use it for darkness and their own selfish desires. Can Emma and her brother help in the fight to bring magic and balance back to the forest? This is a fluid and fun project which I am playing with. I love creating book covers, and this is the cover I am most inclined to use.

Reflections Gallery

As I walk and reflect, perception alters. Nature offers us limitless opportunities to absorb its richness. The reflections we see increase the beauty that resides all around us. This image was captured last fall. The light was amazing! I just had to stop the car and capture this moment.

Follow me on my journey of healing from Maine to California and back.

A service I offer

Crafting someone's memorable life story in a meaningful way is important to me. I know what grief is like, and I want to help you pay proper tribute to the person you loved.

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The Symbolism Behind My Logo

The color purple is significant to me in many ways. It was Sarah's favorite color. It is often used to signify the struggles of addiction. It also is a spiritual color as purple creates a harmonious balance of awareness and peace. The dragonfly was loved by my daughter, Sarah, as well as myself. It is a symbol of change, and my life has deeply changed since Sarah's death. When I was packing to move to my current home, a dragonfly attached itself to the dining room window for several days. It was early November; the days were crisp and the nights were decidedly chilly. The day I was to move, I glanced out the window to see if the dragonfly was still there, but the dragonfly was gone. Making my way outside, I walked behind the building and searched on the ground beneath my window, worried it had died. It was simply gone. Later that day, I was gone too. I believe in symbols and for me, this small event symbolized my daughter's spirit following me to my new home.